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Unrivalled nature experiences

The Biosphere path

The biosphere route between Mariestad and Ullersund is over 100 km long. The extensions Ullersund – Läckö Slott and Mariestad – Torsö are under planning. The route takes you on forest paths, tractor roads or along small country roads, through a varied and living forest and farming landscape. Hiking on nature’s own terms means that the road is not always even and easy to walk on. Thus, equip yourself according to nature’s own conditions. The route is marked with orange-coloured poles and a branded mark with a B and the text Biosfärleden. The route runs partially along the same stretch as the pilgrim route or the Kinnekulle hiking route.

Pilgrim route

The pilgrim routes in the Biosphere area are included in a greater network of pilgrim routes stretching over large parts of the country and also internationally. Southbound there is a route from Skara towards Husaby. There the route splits into two directions:  westwards towards Lidköping – Kålland or northwards towards Forshem – Mariestad. Our need for inner peace has not changed since the Middle Ages. Pilgrimages can serve as a counterbalance to the material disturbances of noise, lack of time, fragmentation and the constant demand to be available. The pilgrim route passes beautiful churches and peaceful places that offer opportunities for silence and reflection. Going on a pilgrimage means going on both and outer and an inner journey. The congregations along the route organise hikes and other pilgrimage activities. For more information see www.pilgrimskaraborg.se.



There are a number of alternatives for overnight stays depending on what it is you are looking for, hotels, youth hostels, camping sites, B&Bs, etc. Accommodation in Läckö Kinnekullebygden (Lidköping and Götene municipalities). Accommodation in Mariestad municipality.


Along the route there are several restaurants and cafés. Mariestad vicinity. Läckö-Kinnekulle.