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Unrivalled nature experiences

The cycling path

If you really want to enjoy the unique nature and culture that makes up the Biosphere area – Vänern archipelago with Kinnekulle – then sitting on a bicycle is the perfect way to do it. From the saddle you have time to perceive the smells, hear the bird-song and, whenever you want to, you can stop to enjoy a beautiful flower, an old industrial monument or something else that sparks your curiosity. From the bicycle you get impressions, not only of the big spectacular sights but also of the small, and the unpretentious, that you might otherwise go speeding past. You will soon notice that the Biosphere area is a living, diverse landscape with beautiful views, lovely beaches, deep forests and many exciting natural reserves. There are many chances for taking short or long breaks along the roadside. On the 65 km long path you will pass by handicraft producers, farm stalls, overnight board and lodging as well as cozy bathing bays along the strand of the Vänern. The path stretches between Lidköping and Mariestad. If you wish to cycle back and forth but would like to take another stretch on the way back there are many small roads to choose between. On a parallel with the route runs the railway line, Kinnekullebanan that is trafficated by Västtrafik. To the extent that there is space it is possible to transport bicycles on the train. The train normally takes two bicycles at the same time. Contact Västtrafik if you have any questions www.vasttrafik.se. The Västgöta Route: During the trip you will run into the signs for “Västgötaleden” in many places. Västgötaleden is a cycling net that includes a total of 1100 km of signed roads throughout the landscape. If you would like to know more get in touch with the Swedish Cycling Association www.svenska-cykelsallskapet.se.

Facts about the route







There are a number of alternatives for overnight stays depending on what it is you are looking for, hotels, youth hostels, camping sites, B&Bs, etc. Accommodation in Läckö Kinnekullebygden (Lidköping and Götene municipalities). Accommodation in Mariestad municipality.


Along the route there are several restaurants and cafés. Mariestad vicinity. Läckö-Kinnekulle.