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Unrivalled nature experiences


Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the necessity of improving relations between people and their environment. Unesco, the UN’s organ for education and culture  is speeding up this change by selecting model biosphere areas. The Lake Vänern Archipelago with Mount Kinnekulle is one of these, where new ideas and initiatives for increased sustainabilityare created and tested. In our case we have chosen, among other things, to develop sustainable tourism. We wish to offer you opportunities for experiencing our nature, culture and services with a clear conscience and activated senses. The map provides tips and guidance for inspiring cycling or hiking tours. Printed map is sold at touristofficies. Come closer, and experience more!

Nature’s guest

In Sweden we have the unique institution of the Right of Public Access which gives all of us the freedom to roam in the countryside. The regulations are based on mutual respect between visitors, landowners and nature. Remember:

Sustainability strategy

Our striving has been f or experiences of nature, to the greatest extent possible, to be made according to nature’s own conditions. Interference and measures taken for accessibility along the route have therefore been kept to a limit. This might mean that the route is not always smooth and easy to walk on. The choice of roads has been made with the minimization of the need for maintenance in mind. We coordinate the stretches between the various routes whenever possible. We use already existing signposts if possible; if we need new ones we use untreated oak.

Use the train

By using the “Kinnekulletrain” you can easily reach different places along the tracks. Check stations on the map.
Timetable and ticketinformation: www.vasttrafik.se.